Fishing Rodmaker and leather craft

Custom Rod making, fishing accessaries making and leather craft

I used to make custom rods for myself and some for sale (spinning, casting and fly rods),But due  to high shipping cost, difficult to ship overseas. I make only high quality  rods. Most rod guides I use are from Fuji Titanium (Gold Cermet and Titanium  concept guides) I also make Leather fly reel case. 100% handstitich sometimes.. I import components from Japan and USA mostly.

Why a custom  Rod? Every rod build is not only custom tailored to your needs using the finest material
available, but unique in design. You can select your custom rod yourselves buying from me or supplied by you. The true beauty of custom rod differs from the mass production rods. Mass production rods used cheap material for larger profits and simple design.

Fuji designed one of the strongest, most functional, and elegant guide sets ever made. They utilize, Titanium Torzite recently, Gold Cermet (gold with cermic material discont. now)ring guides  that feature the durability of metal combined with the hardness of a Ceramic. Add Fuji's diamond polishing and the Gold Cermet Ring boast a finish that's twice as smooth as their SiC ring. Combine that with the durablity and light weight of Titanium Frames and you get one of the strongest,  most functional, and elegant line guides ever made. That's why they're on my rod

I also make custom fly reel case, other leather products and knife lanyards and lanyards for knife, keys and other outdoor stuffs.

My New Spinning Salmon Rod- I will use myself for Salmon Fishing in British Columbia. It is 8.5 feet long and 3 pieces to carry in backpack for fishing.

See for Paracord Lanyard products at

Centerpin Float Rod.

Blank: Sage 8114-4 ACCEL BLANK 4PC 8WT 11ft 4in 

Guides:  Fuji K-R Concept Extra High frames Chocking Guide K frame with Torzite inserts

Handle: Highly figured Box Elder burl wood, Australian York Gum Burl wood, Ivory Nut and vulcanized fiber material,   Batson TRB Trim Rings spacers, rubberized cork and Burnt Cork.
Lemke Titanium Reel seat insert is also made by me with highly figured  Box Elder Burl wood.

Winding check and Golden Brass tube supplied by Matagi Japan.


Handmade Leather Fishing Belt and Fishing pliers sheath(knipex pliers), Leather Rod holder

Please  search in ebay: (Tenkara fly, tenkara, sakasa kebari, Sakasa copperbari. Killer bug-Handmade). 6 Tenkara flies for 25 Canadian dollar. The above fly is  Zenmai  Fern dubbing (Zenmay wattage Kebari) imported from Japan.- made by me in Vancouver.